The commercial and residential property market in Navi Mumbai is transforming Mega Infrastructure Projects (MIPs) are set to catapult this city to an entirely into MAHAMUMBAI. MIPS, more commonly known as Mumbai’s architectural wonders, is an impressive series of bridges, roads, buildings, metro, Airport and other structures that were inaugurated to mark the inauguration of a mega-project of some significance. MIPs have been the rallying point for some phenomenal Government of India project initiatives that are bringing together the modern metropolis with the traditional culture.
When you take a look at the increasing number of MIPs in Navi Mumbai, you can say that this city is heading towards a revolutionization. The connectivity and the commercial areas of the town are slowly being done to bring more life to the city. With the influx of a lot of new residents to the city every year and the huge investment by a few multinationals, the city has witnessed a remarkable turnaround over the last few years.
The traditional localities like Mazgaon, Bandra Kurla Complex, and Navi Mumbai have seen an incredible increase in the number of their residents over the last few years. These are also among the many places that are coming up as a part of the Mega -Infrastructure Projects that will change the face of Navi Mumbai into Maha Mumbai
One important indicator of the meteoric rise of the city is the growth of the real estate sector. Right from the Mumbai to thane to Navi Mumbai, the property market is experiencing a regular phase as more people are lured by the interest to buy land for future growth and returns. Another promising trend in the lives of city residents is the acquisition of plots for both residential and commercial purposes. People have started to make some decent profits by implementing this approach. Residence and investor realised that the significant infrastructural initiatives planned by the Government, Navi Mumbai will receive the highest rewards for its attractive location.