NA plots in Navi Mumbai

MahaProperty has a track record of facilitating fair and ethical dealings which result in the best property investments regarding NA plots in Navi Mumbai for our customers. We have a growing list of plots for sale in Navi Mumbai that you can choose from and we will assure that we maintain complete transparency with you and pay attention to the little details. This makes us the ideal stop if you want to buy NA plots in Navi Mumbai or the surrounding areas.

But, what exactly is an NA plot?

We keep hearing this term, but how much do we actually know about it? It stands for Non-Agricultural plot. In a rural economy like India, all land is agricultural by default unless it is defined as NA. This land is where residential and commercial buildings come up. Anyone who can pay the amount is eligible to but these plots. To use an agricultural land for purposes other than agriculture, one has to convert it to NA. Even then, NA plots are of different kinds, like industrial, resort, warehouse, etc.

Things to keep in mind while buying an NA plot:

1. Procure all information about the builder and land

Real estate is a risky business because of the great deal of money and uncertainty involved. There can be several middlemen and there have been many cases of fraud. To stay on the safe side, enquire. Find out if the company and builder are authentic. Ask around about the builder’s history. Document everything, whether it is an important paper or over mail.

2. Verify the documents

There are a few documents that you need to make sure are updated or procured, like the NA order, sale deed or the 7/12 extract. Even if you pay the entire amount, if there is lack or fraud of a document, you will not only risk your property but may also end up in a bigger legal tangle.

3. Do your own research

Trust your agent or builder, but also do your own research. There must not be any information that you are not aware of. Research online. Ask the neighboring people the pros and cons of that property. Since you’re investing such a huge amount of money, it is only valid that you make sure you do it in the best way possible.

4. Check out competition

There may always be a better plot or builder or deal out there. As agents are concerned with selling their property, they will try their hardest to market it to you. In such a case, don’t get carried away and enquire about competing property as well. This will also facilitate a good bargain as you have a point of

With these tips and MahaProperty’s help, you will win the best of deals and get through this rather risky process unscathed.